Bon Jour!!! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to visit my website! It’s funny how things evolve…As a young girl in ballet class in New Haven, Connecticut, I never thought that my journey would lead me to a place where I have a website to share about myself and the art that I love!!

Why Ballet?
Every dancer knows that ballet is the foundation for great technique, but not every dancer loves ballet. ┬áBallet builds strength, flexibility, grace, and technique. You can always spot the dancer who has had solid ballet training…But, sometimes it can be boring and slow – a major turn-off to young dancers…It doesn’t have to be! Ballet can be fun and exciting for dancers of all styles. Teaching ballet isn’t just about having a ton of knowledge and ability, it also takes the right combination of humor, personality, energy, and motivation from a teacher to spark a little love for ballet…or, a lot of love!!

Why Rachel White Ballet?
I love ballet! I live, breathe, and sleep ballet and have been so lucky to have made this my life’s work! I am classically trained from some of the top schools and have had some of the greatest teachers in the field, but I know that not every dancer dreams of tutus and pointe shoes. I’m not your typical ballet teacher…

If you are looking for the quiet, serious type, I might not be the right teacher for you. I’m proud to say I am a “little out of the box” as far as ballet teachers go. I’m excited to share what I love with my students and I want them to know that from the start! I believe it is my purpose in life to inspire dancers and get them excited about ballet. My greatest goal at the end of class, is to hear a student say that they didn’t like ballet, but my class was fun and exciting for them. Then, I have done my job!

What can I bring to your school/event/convention?
I have made ballet my life’s work, so I do not teach other styles. Instead, I teach classes that compliment my ballet and pointe classes. My Ballet Workout classes are based off the workout formally known as a NYCB Workout, which was disbanded in 2011. I was fortunate to be certified by NYCB before the program ended and have continued to teach this anaerobic, ballet, plus Pilates and Yoga inspired workout. Sections include Moving Warm-Up, Stretching, Core and Adductor excercises, Floor Barre and Centre. It is fun and appropriate for all levels and ages and can be a fabulous class for adults looking to return to or begin ballet.

It’s an amazing thing to be able to share my passion and love with dancers of all ages and I hope to see YOU sometime in the future!

Warm Regards,